Monday, January 17, 2011

gungnir deck modify~

annyeonghaseyoo~dark justice kuroyuki here~~it's fast eh? hmm,it's not that it can't be play,just somehow upgrade it abit~=3
and did any1 intrested in Tech Genus hyper librarian? well,can be ship to any country if u're really intrested,rm40 for each(shipping fee not included)=3 let me know if u're intrested~
let's go back to the topic~thanks for the suggestion from rauzes and one the other guy><(ps,i can't remamber ur name><)debris dragon+king of swamp is a good idea,but i can't do it because there's no nid for king of swamp in my deck~maybe u'll say snowman eater~hmm,it's good,but diffrent from other is just my idea(well,1 thing very funny,some1 here copy a deck out and play,and play with my friend,my friend suggest him to make a self made deck but he say to my friend:"that's why u fail"...=.= and he say my decks are totally a waste of money...c'mon larh,self made deck waste money,copy deck not watse money meh? this is entertainment,sure it's wasting money larh,idiot...either u copy or self making it also consider as u're wasting money...=.=)
let's see the deck shall we?
monster x23
deep sea diva x3
mermaid archer x2
spined gillman x3
armed sea hunter x2
coradus x3
fishborg gunner x2
cyber shark x2
critter x1
clevonce x2
psycho commander x2
morphing jar x1

magic x14
terroforming x2
a legendary ocean x3
instant fusion x3
foolish burail x1
emergancy teleport x1
pot of avarice x1
salvage x3

trap x3
royal decree x3

hmm,the only problem is fishborg gunner's effect>< it can only be tunned with water attribute monster...if not,hyper librarian effect will draw like crazy~
and to the guys that dun really like me:
this is my blog and i can write what ever i wan,as long as i didn't include in any politics and religion views~if u wan to find ppl to fight with me,pls choose another place,not in some people's shop~ if u think my decks are totally a waste,then take ur "dog" and leave my blogg,i didn't force u to come and see~the deck u're using also pass through failure before they become "saving money deck",remamber that!

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